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Worshipper. Music Lover. Longboard skateboard-er. World travel-ler. Random tweeter. Singer. Dancer. Aspiring Doctor. I love life and Jesus.

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By “@instagodministries: The enemy is busy and as we approach closer and closer to the end of times Christian’s are lacking faith, being led by the blind, lacking spiritual discernment and wisdom. Where you are most vulnerable is the perfect opportunity to be attacked because you’re perceptible to influence and persuade like a child. As a child, you had full potential until the enemy gave you something, filled your mind with lies, and your eyes with lust. That ‘thing’ was fun at first until it took a hold of you.ฺ

The enemy is a liar, a deceiver— making things look cute and sweet. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. No wonder some marriages are broken because the spouse never dealt with their pornography issue and immorality. No wonder some children are the way they are when you have grown folk with childlike minds raising kids. We need some true believers in Christ to stand up for righteousness, who are kingdom minded with discernment/wisdom to put the enemy back in his place and take back what he stole from you. Get back your future! Get back your life! Get back your family! Get back your joy!” via @PhotoRepost_app

I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E- … (= ~ 04.18.2014

By “@instagodministries: Nothing you’ve been through has been wasted. I know at times you feel you’ve wasted time, years, and every that you can’t regain again; a job, a marriage, a relationship, your health, the sacrifices, giving your time and service, and giving up something you loved up for God that broke your heart. You sit back and wonder, “Will I ever be happy again— was everything I’ve been through worth the pain, the tears, the sleepless nights, the embarrassment.” IT’S JUST PREPARATION.

Where you are now is no accident… What has happened to you didn’t take God by surprise. He already initiated a plan of escape before you were formed; mistakes, setbacks, disappointments, things outside your control.. The plan was already made! I don’t know your story but only you and God know your story. He took you from bad company, He took you from rape, He took you from suicide, He took you when you were at your lowest, He took you when nobody wanted you, He took you when your money was low, He took you when you had kids outside of marriage… Why? Because He saw potential in you!ฺ

As God as my witness it gets lonely at times. Life can be fearful when you don’t know what to expect when you feel everything has been stripped away…When you feel there’s no hope… When you wonder how much longer do I have to wait. Who wants to feel rejection or disappointments.. But it’s in those moments when we experience the faithfulness of God! I want to encourage whoever I’m speaking to, to hold on! Joseph was in prison for years because of his brothers before he became king. He wasn’t expecting that… In other words what God has for you is something bigger than you’ve imagine. It’s so much greater and better than what you had at first. It’s something you never thought about or even prayed for because nothing you’ve been through has been wasted. Your situation is going change suddenly because all it did was reposition you for a blessing. God is getting ready to move! You’re frustrated because you’re on the verge. You’re restless because you’re on the verge. Your moment is coming sooner than you think!” via @PhotoRepost_app

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WOOOOOOO! SO HAPPY TO SEE MY CRUSH!! =’) I’ve just danced the night away. HAHAHA! SO BLESSED! SO GRATEFUL! PLEASE COME BACK NEXT YEAR!! ^^ (@kpstanfill)

#MeetMyCRUSH #BestNightEver #OverflowingJOY #ThankYouGODForEverything #YouAreTheBEST #FrontSeat #HANGOVER #PassionMANILA2014


#ThankYouGODForEverything #YouAreTheBEST #FrontSeat #HANGOVER #PassionMANILA2014

"Maturity isn’t based on how much truth you know, but on how much you USE."

Rick Warren